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Why people use “sales rep in Japan”?

In your company, you don’t need to hire people as sales rep. In this era, your company can do sales easily !

” General worries of company “

  1. Company has looked for full time staff as sales rep but they can’t retain employees who are ideal.
  2. raising staff as professional sales rep takes a lot of time like conducting training.
  3. Hiring full time staff takes a risk of retiring.
  4. Sales rep of your company is not good at getting new clients.
  5. A company is in countryside, so they had given up expending to city such as Tokyo and Osaka.
  6. A company doesn’t know how to advertise.

” General worries when they start a business “

  1. They can’t afford on hiring full time staff as sales rep but have to make people known them.
  2. People don’t have experiences about sales so they don’t know how to do it.
  3. People can’t do sales by themselves because they have a lot of task and don’t have time to do it.
  4. They use with direct mail and FAX but it hasn’t good effect.
  5. Companies look for staff as sales rep, but can’t.

What you can learn in Training session of new sales development

To analyze the present situation of your business. We are going to listen to sales reps of your company or other staff.
・To pick up your problems or tasks. We are going to narrow down improvements and points of your problems.
・You are going to understand about activities as sales rep. Sales is NOT DIFFICULT. In Japan, basically, many people think it’s so difficult to do and don’t want to do. However, we are going to tell it’s not so difficult for everyone trough this service.
・To build a relationship of trust between you and clients. For example, how to built a relationship and points of establishing trust.
・To teaching how to open a lead with competitors trough advertising better points of your business than them.
・To make a curriculum while we listen your problems and the present situation.
・ We are going to advice through all of things we listened.

These contents are sample. So we always think the best way for you. We can change the contents to things that you are suitable and match better. We are going to support to improve your business skill and be as sales rep!

The advantage of Walk-in sales

  1. Your business is definitely known in area where you want to know.
  2. Walk-in sales is sales that sales rep visits by their foot, so it’s easier to make next sales strategy because we can see client’s face directly.
  3. As we visit clients time and time again, Contract rate is going to be up.
  4. We send a report every time after working, we add to advice about sales.
  5. When clients call, our sales can visit and do business meeting.
  6. It’s reasonable for you because you can choose number of working.

Japanese think that walk- in sales is difficult and doesn’t want to do it. So it’s better than hiring full-time worker.

The advantage of Online business

  1. If you want to start online business, we can start it right now.
  2. Online business can connect between us and clients, and tell clearly detail about your business and products to client without visiting directly.
  3. Online business can record, so you can watch the video to know reaction of clients and what they say if you are not be there.
  4. We draw up a report about each place where we visited. After that we can consult FOR FREE.
  5. If you have only paper documents, we can make PDF instead of you. PDF or online documents are more common than paper.
  6. When clients call us to hear about your business, you can choose whether our sales are charge of it or you are charge of it.

The corona virus is going around the world. Because of it, business style is changing to online like zoom and Skype and so on. It was not common before this virus. We can’t meet directly and we have to make social distance or space between people. Online business might be common business style, we need to get this skills.

The advantage of consulting

  1. I need to look at myself objectively. That makes you can know good points and improvement of your business or product.
  2. We can advice clearly and propose business strategy that can be possible to do it.
  3. You can manage progress of your business to be successful.
  4. You can do together with our professional sales rep and can be given individually some advice. ( it’s separate fee.)
  5. If our company has clients who are suitable for you, we can introduce.
  6. we have meeting once a month, so each sales reps of your company can improve their skills.
  7. We pick up problems of your business that you could not find, and support you to solve the problems.
  8. Basically, we invite you twice a month to share the progress, situation and task and so on.

There are some good points by consulting. Our sales reps has many experiences by a lot of kinds business, so you can get new knowledge and skills by them.

The advantage of new business development

  1. We can start it right after you decided to use our service.
  2. We can give the message about your products or business appropriately because we actually come to places where clients are.
  3. You can get specifically ” What clients say” like request and the reaction to your products or business and so on.
  4. We send reports to you every time after working, so you can get advice such as consulting of sales.
  5. It’s possible to deal with inquiry from clients who visited or to visit places where clients are directly by yourself. You can choose!

What do you think about new business development? Is it good or not for your business.
Of course, we can change the way that is suitable for you.
If you are interested in it or want to know more detail, please contact us by sending the message from “CONTACT FORM”

Step to deal with the corona-virus disease

Do you have any problems or anxiety because of corona-virus disease ?

Life style of people changed to new style. Business is also suffering from the effects of the Corona-virus disease.
If you want to start or expand business into Japan, We can support your business even pandemic. If there’s something you want to talk to us about that, please feel free to ask me any questions. It is FOR FREE !
We can have a meeting by using ZOOM and SKYPE. Give our all for you.

What Japanese clients say ①

A company that sell goods of health promotion

< The reason why they decided using us >

The company started business in Kanto district. They wanted to expand Kansai district, but they didn’t have enough knowledge about how to start business in new area. Few years ago, they started business about goods of health promotion for foots in Tokyo. These goods are sold in famous shops. Then, they wanted to started same business in Kansai district. They run into a stone wall. These were ” a luck of manpower ” and
” a luck of knowledge about how to start business in new area “. They didn’t know how to contact clients and quotation in Osaka and so on. Moreover, they didn’t have confidence of new business development and a basic approach. They thought that Sales rep Japan has a lot of experiences in Osaka. That why they choose our company.

< After using our services >

They had the budget about that, and it matched with our fee.
・deal smoothly with clients and succeeded
・Could learn about knowledge of business, how to get results with number and how to set a quota and so on
・Employees was influenced about employee education by using our company
Now, sales rep join a meeting once a month and share the strategy.
These results were more than expected.

The advantage and disadvantage of sales rep

Advantage of sales rep

1. It doesn’t take time, cost and effort.

It take time to become a expert from new employee. supervisor has to do training and teach manner for business people and so on. Sales agents of Sales Rep Japan have already a lot of knowledge about business.

2.You can make the best use of local people who know about place very well

A lot of company have to go place where they want to do business by themselves like using air plane , train and bullet train as business trip. If you use us, you don’t need to go by yourself. You can cut a cost, time and so on. Moreover, our sales agents are expert for sales rep and location. It must be useful !

3. It won’t risk any chance of retire.

You take a lot of money and time to hire full-time employees. However, there is a possibility to retire even 3 months or 1 month. If you use us, there is no risk.

4. Taxes and service and benefit program are unnecessary.

If you hire full-time employees, it takes a lot of cost like social insurance. However, in case of our services, it doesn’t take too much. just overhead expenses like transportation expenses and agency cost.

Disadvantage of sales rep

1. You can’t ask services other than sales rep.

we make a contact about sales rep, so if you want us to do such as trivial duties, stocktaking and preparation of events, there is a limit.

2. You can’t train to be a candidate for an executive position.

we make a contact just sales rep, so you can’t train to be executives of your company. However, If you have people who want to be executives in your company, we can support you as separate services.

People who do sales rep instead of you

The sales agents of Sales Rep Japan are people who have a direct contract with us. The agents of sales rep belong our company. We have also signed a contract such as confidentiality, obligation to keep secrets, check to anti-social forces and compensation for damage and so on with our sales agents. In other words, we will take responsibility for the work entrusted to us by our company as a corporation. As sales activities progress, different sales agents can do sales rep instead of previous agent depending on a situation. So it is possible to select people in accordance with the project phase, so rational sales activities can be performed. That’s why there is no trouble in the activity.

(The photograph is an image. the people have nothing to do with us)