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The advantage and disadvantage of sales rep

Jul 3, 2020 About sales rep, NEWS

Advantage of sales rep

1. It doesn’t take time, cost and effort.

It take time to become a expert from new employee. supervisor has to do training and teach manner for business people and so on. Sales agents of Sales Rep Japan have already a lot of knowledge about business.

2.You can make the best use of local people who know about place very well

A lot of company have to go place where they want to do business by themselves like using air plane , train and bullet train as business trip. If you use us, you don’t need to go by yourself. You can cut a cost, time and so on. Moreover, our sales agents are expert for sales rep and location. It must be useful !

3. It won’t risk any chance of retire.

You take a lot of money and time to hire full-time employees. However, there is a possibility to retire even 3 months or 1 month. If you use us, there is no risk.

4. Taxes and service and benefit program are unnecessary.

If you hire full-time employees, it takes a lot of cost like social insurance. However, in case of our services, it doesn’t take too much. just overhead expenses like transportation expenses and agency cost.

Disadvantage of sales rep

1. You can’t ask services other than sales rep.

we make a contact about sales rep, so if you want us to do such as trivial duties, stocktaking and preparation of events, there is a limit.

2. You can’t train to be a candidate for an executive position.

we make a contact just sales rep, so you can’t train to be executives of your company. However, If you have people who want to be executives in your company, we can support you as separate services.

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