• Open-Hours:9 am to 5pm

What you can learn in Training session of new sales development

To analyze the present situation of your business. We are going to listen to sales reps of your company or other staff.
・To pick up your problems or tasks. We are going to narrow down improvements and points of your problems.
・You are going to understand about activities as sales rep. Sales is NOT DIFFICULT. In Japan, basically, many people think it’s so difficult to do and don’t want to do. However, we are going to tell it’s not so difficult for everyone trough this service.
・To build a relationship of trust between you and clients. For example, how to built a relationship and points of establishing trust.
・To teaching how to open a lead with competitors trough advertising better points of your business than them.
・To make a curriculum while we listen your problems and the present situation.
・ We are going to advice through all of things we listened.

These contents are sample. So we always think the best way for you. We can change the contents to things that you are suitable and match better. We are going to support to improve your business skill and be as sales rep!

By srj