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Why Ardent Is The Right Choice?


” Quick Response “

If you send mail to us, we can respond as soon as possible.

We have staff who can speak English and Chinese, so we can respond smoothly in a mail and hold meeting with app like zoom or Skype.


” Area of business”

We have a main office in Osaka, Japan

Our company has more five main domestic bases such as Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka in Japan.

You can choose anywhere you want. It’s possible to choose another area without these six places.


” Quality of staff “

We sign a contract more than 60 people who have a lot of experiences for sales rep.

They are dependable and experienced. we are going to choose staff who is suitable for your business after listening about your problems and your products or business.


” System “

You can order from 1 day to match with your request.

You can order in short time.

We send a report of today’s activities in a mail every time after working, so you can know us as needed.

We are introducing kind of services in SERVICES page.


These are used by Japanese clients, so we are going to change that to the best way for your products or your business.
We focus on how better work for you.