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What is things you have to prepare before working

Jul 31, 2020 About Company, NEWS
  • Business Card
    Sales rep does business sales with having business card and they introduce themselves as sales rep of your company.
    After agreement, we are going to tell about our agent ( sales rep of our company ) who be a sales rep instead of you.
    Please make business card written our agent ( sales rep of our company ).

  • Some documents
    These mean like sample and a company’s brochure and so on.
    If you want to pass like this to your target, please prepare for working.
    when sales rep visit to target, they are going to pass these documents with card business.

After agreement, we are going to do our job. So we have a written oath one each. We will absolutely keep contents of a written oath like confidentiality. It is safety for each other.

While using our services, if you have question and request, please tell us anytime. We will support you if at all possible.

By srj