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Month: July 2020

What is things you have to prepare before working

  • Business Card
    Sales rep does business sales with having business card and they introduce themselves as sales rep of your company.
    After agreement, we are going to tell about our agent ( sales rep of our company ) who be a sales rep instead of you.
    Please make business card written our agent ( sales rep of our company ).

  • Some documents
    These mean like sample and a company’s brochure and so on.
    If you want to pass like this to your target, please prepare for working.
    when sales rep visit to target, they are going to pass these documents with card business.

After agreement, we are going to do our job. So we have a written oath one each. We will absolutely keep contents of a written oath like confidentiality. It is safety for each other.

While using our services, if you have question and request, please tell us anytime. We will support you if at all possible.

What Japanese clients say ④

Company that consult in IT industry and business related to Web site on the Internet

< The reason why you choose us >

Our company is small scale, so we want to order with not too mush first-end cost. And also, we want to cherish fiduciary relationship with clients so want sales rep company to understand deeply our services. it match to Osaka eigyo daikou inc. Moreover, we can know face of sales rep of their company. That why we choose.

What Japanese clients says ③

Company about application of customer attraction

< The reason why they choose us >

We were not enough to have resources of sales rep, so researched on the Internet. We had some candidates and read the contents of each companies’s services. We thought our image is match to image of Osaka eigyo daikou inc. That why we chooose.

< Thoughts of using >

We thought that time of focusing on sales business finished.

< Do you want to use it again? >

Yes, in last month, we talked that whether it’s possible or not and how many dates should we order.

What Japanese clients say ②

Senior living facility includes various services.

< The reason way they choose us >

They researched on the Internet. Key words are ” sales rep company in Osaka”, ” can ask a favor in real time”, ” have experiences in the elderly care industry” At first, they visited for real and talked and listening about services. And then, we decided their company.

< Thoughts of using >

Right after using, application of view was including and some people moved into these buildings.

< The reason why stopped this services >

Our style of management changed, so this sales business didn’t need. However, if we need it again, we want to do sales business by Osaka eigyo daikou inc.

Differences between our services and others

What different from others? We are going to introduce from now.

  1. You can choose term of working from 1 day. Our CEO has thought that we have to focus on clients since he started this business. we want to cut a cost if at all possible and help people who have trouble. You can use effectively your cost.
  2. Our sales rep are many different of area in Japan. And also, we have more than 50 staff for both men and women. Their age is from twenties to fifties. They had experiences in various business type. So it is going to match your company or your business type.
  3. We think the strategy of your problem is going to success together. We talk over with you.
    If you have things that you want us to do in sales business, please tell us. It is going to be key of success.

In our company, the thing that you can’t and gave up changes thing that you can !

Question and answer

Q1. Is it charged a fee except initial cost?

A. Basically, transport cost is needed.
Around transport cost of one day is from 1500 yen to 2000 yen ( about from 15 dollars to 20 dollars)
It is up to area you choose.

Q2. What kind of job apply to your company?

A. Service industry. Especially, companies want to get clients by their products or make a deal with corporation.

Q3. What kind of job are you good at?

A. We don’t have strengths and weakness in business type but we are good at
Corporate sales. For example, we have a lot of experiences that sales to from Major enterprise to small to medium enterprises.

Q4. Is there a set contract period? 

A. You can order from one day.

Q5. Can you do sales rep in result reward?

A. In principle, we can’t do it.

Q6. How do I pay a fee?

A. Please pay a fee before working.

If you have any question, please contact us!!

Why people use “sales rep in Japan”?

In your company, you don’t need to hire people as sales rep. In this era, your company can do sales easily !

” General worries of company “

  1. Company has looked for full time staff as sales rep but they can’t retain employees who are ideal.
  2. raising staff as professional sales rep takes a lot of time like conducting training.
  3. Hiring full time staff takes a risk of retiring.
  4. Sales rep of your company is not good at getting new clients.
  5. A company is in countryside, so they had given up expending to city such as Tokyo and Osaka.
  6. A company doesn’t know how to advertise.

” General worries when they start a business “

  1. They can’t afford on hiring full time staff as sales rep but have to make people known them.
  2. People don’t have experiences about sales so they don’t know how to do it.
  3. People can’t do sales by themselves because they have a lot of task and don’t have time to do it.
  4. They use with direct mail and FAX but it hasn’t good effect.
  5. Companies look for staff as sales rep, but can’t.

What you can learn in Training session of new sales development

To analyze the present situation of your business. We are going to listen to sales reps of your company or other staff.
・To pick up your problems or tasks. We are going to narrow down improvements and points of your problems.
・You are going to understand about activities as sales rep. Sales is NOT DIFFICULT. In Japan, basically, many people think it’s so difficult to do and don’t want to do. However, we are going to tell it’s not so difficult for everyone trough this service.
・To build a relationship of trust between you and clients. For example, how to built a relationship and points of establishing trust.
・To teaching how to open a lead with competitors trough advertising better points of your business than them.
・To make a curriculum while we listen your problems and the present situation.
・ We are going to advice through all of things we listened.

These contents are sample. So we always think the best way for you. We can change the contents to things that you are suitable and match better. We are going to support to improve your business skill and be as sales rep!

The advantage of Walk-in sales

  1. Your business is definitely known in area where you want to know.
  2. Walk-in sales is sales that sales rep visits by their foot, so it’s easier to make next sales strategy because we can see client’s face directly.
  3. As we visit clients time and time again, Contract rate is going to be up.
  4. We send a report every time after working, we add to advice about sales.
  5. When clients call, our sales can visit and do business meeting.
  6. It’s reasonable for you because you can choose number of working.

Japanese think that walk- in sales is difficult and doesn’t want to do it. So it’s better than hiring full-time worker.

The advantage of Online business

  1. If you want to start online business, we can start it right now.
  2. Online business can connect between us and clients, and tell clearly detail about your business and products to client without visiting directly.
  3. Online business can record, so you can watch the video to know reaction of clients and what they say if you are not be there.
  4. We draw up a report about each place where we visited. After that we can consult FOR FREE.
  5. If you have only paper documents, we can make PDF instead of you. PDF or online documents are more common than paper.
  6. When clients call us to hear about your business, you can choose whether our sales are charge of it or you are charge of it.

The corona virus is going around the world. Because of it, business style is changing to online like zoom and Skype and so on. It was not common before this virus. We can’t meet directly and we have to make social distance or space between people. Online business might be common business style, we need to get this skills.