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Month: August 2020

The advantage of using us

  1. You don’t have enough skills to do business in foreign countries, but you can do it.
    By using sales rep companies, you can do it easier than do by yourself.
    What do yo think that skills you need if you do business in foreign countries?
    You have to get some skills like language to communication with people from other countries and speak different languages. If you want to do business in Japan, you have to speak Japanese. Getting this skill takes a lot of time before start business. However, by using us, of course, our staff is Japanese. And also some staff can speak English, Chinese and Korean. In sales activities, There are no problem. Moreover, when we talked
    with you, it also work smoothly.
  2. Our staff is professional sales rep, so they can hit the ground running. They have many experiences in various business type and they have worked as sales rep for long time. they can support you more than people who are hired and are full time staff to do business in Japan.
  3. If you want to stop, you can stop these services without taking risks.
    We don’t have the duration of the contract, so you can choose whether continuing or not every month. We are going to tell if you are going to do it or not in end of month. Then, you will say if you are going to continue or not. If you have budget, please tell us. We never say you have to continue for long time. It’s up to you.