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Why people use “sales rep in Japan”?

In your company, you don’t need to hire people as sales rep. In this era, your company can do sales easily !

” General worries of company “

  1. Company has looked for full time staff as sales rep but they can’t retain employees who are ideal.
  2. raising staff as professional sales rep takes a lot of time like conducting training.
  3. Hiring full time staff takes a risk of retiring.
  4. Sales rep of your company is not good at getting new clients.
  5. A company is in countryside, so they had given up expending to city such as Tokyo and Osaka.
  6. A company doesn’t know how to advertise.

” General worries when they start a business “

  1. They can’t afford on hiring full time staff as sales rep but have to make people known them.
  2. People don’t have experiences about sales so they don’t know how to do it.
  3. People can’t do sales by themselves because they have a lot of task and don’t have time to do it.
  4. They use with direct mail and FAX but it hasn’t good effect.
  5. Companies look for staff as sales rep, but can’t.

By srj