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Category: Japanese clients say

What Japanese clients say ④

Company that consult in IT industry and business related to Web site on the Internet

< The reason why you choose us >

Our company is small scale, so we want to order with not too mush first-end cost. And also, we want to cherish fiduciary relationship with clients so want sales rep company to understand deeply our services. it match to Osaka eigyo daikou inc. Moreover, we can know face of sales rep of their company. That why we choose.

What Japanese clients says ③

Company about application of customer attraction

< The reason why they choose us >

We were not enough to have resources of sales rep, so researched on the Internet. We had some candidates and read the contents of each companies’s services. We thought our image is match to image of Osaka eigyo daikou inc. That why we chooose.

< Thoughts of using >

We thought that time of focusing on sales business finished.

< Do you want to use it again? >

Yes, in last month, we talked that whether it’s possible or not and how many dates should we order.

What Japanese clients say ②

Senior living facility includes various services.

< The reason way they choose us >

They researched on the Internet. Key words are ” sales rep company in Osaka”, ” can ask a favor in real time”, ” have experiences in the elderly care industry” At first, they visited for real and talked and listening about services. And then, we decided their company.

< Thoughts of using >

Right after using, application of view was including and some people moved into these buildings.

< The reason why stopped this services >

Our style of management changed, so this sales business didn’t need. However, if we need it again, we want to do sales business by Osaka eigyo daikou inc.

What Japanese clients say ①

A company that sell goods of health promotion

< The reason why they decided using us >

The company started business in Kanto district. They wanted to expand Kansai district, but they didn’t have enough knowledge about how to start business in new area. Few years ago, they started business about goods of health promotion for foots in Tokyo. These goods are sold in famous shops. Then, they wanted to started same business in Kansai district. They run into a stone wall. These were ” a luck of manpower ” and
” a luck of knowledge about how to start business in new area “. They didn’t know how to contact clients and quotation in Osaka and so on. Moreover, they didn’t have confidence of new business development and a basic approach. They thought that Sales rep Japan has a lot of experiences in Osaka. That why they choose our company.

< After using our services >

They had the budget about that, and it matched with our fee.
・deal smoothly with clients and succeeded
・Could learn about knowledge of business, how to get results with number and how to set a quota and so on
・Employees was influenced about employee education by using our company
Now, sales rep join a meeting once a month and share the strategy.
These results were more than expected.